The work consisting of a movie and a series of photographs is a collaboration with and a portrait of the Swedish author and trans-activist Andy Candy. A manifesto

(as a monologue) is created for the right to define yourself and we are exploring the political power in maintaining diversity as a source of strength. The manifesto is based

on diary entries of transgendered actress Candy Darling, part of the Andy Warhol circuit,

and Andy Candy’s own medical journals. The work also paraphrases the photography

of Peter Hujar, Candy Darling on her Deathbed (1974).

A R T I S T  /  D I R E C T O R  C O N N Y  K A R L S S O N  L U N D G R E N

With the help of film, text and image the artist Conny Karlsson Lundgren explores the boundaries between language and social, political and intimate identity. In different staged situations he finds it intriguing to see how these positions change, such as using material with personal content presented in a way that is more politically charged. He examines this concern with people or movements that have an activist approach, usually in a sphere related to social functions, sexual topics, and a radical political agenda. By using an iconographic popular culture reference as a starting point his intention is to create a new perspective and meaning.

Karlsson Lundgren holds an MFA in Fine Arts from Valand Academy of Fine Arts. He is the recipient of IASPIS, The Swedish Art Grant Committee's International Programme for Visual Artists during 2013 and is currently preparing for an upcoming solo exhibition at Kalmar Museum of Art in Sweden. Karlsson Lundgren is currently based in Berlin and Stockholm. 

I  A M  O T H E R  (C A N D Y & M E ) Artist / Director - Conny Karlsson Lundgren

Producer - Conny Karlsson Lundgren /  Written and Starring - Andy Candy

Language - Swedish w / English subtitles  /  Length - 11:20 min

Exhibitions / Screenings


"Lost and Found: Queerying the Archive" Kunsthall Nikolai,

Center for Contemporary Art in Copenhagen DK and Bildmuseet Umeå SE,

"Fotografi Nu: A Small Part of the World, a Biennal , CFF Centre for Film & Photography, Stockholm SE and EESC in Brussels BE

"The Long Distance Runner" at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning / Centre for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen DK

Athens Video Art Festival in Greece

Göteborg International Film Festival in Sweden

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S C R I P T  /  S T A R R I N G   A N D Y  C A N D Y

Andy Candy is a Stockholm based trans-feminist activist and journalist. Andy has been published in different feminist and lgbt-media, and has worked with visual artists.

Among her recent works are “Waiting for Queertopia", a chapter on transphobia in the anthology ”Den moderna homofobin” edited by Eva Borgström and the article and installation: "The Dress" for queer artmagazine Ful. All of Andy Candy’s work have in common is that they highlight and focus on trans-issues.