O P E N Director - Jake Yuzna

Producer - Kelly Fitzpatrick /  Starring - Tempest Crane, Gaea Gaddy, Morty Diamond & Daniel Luedtke

Language - English  /  Length - 88 min /  Original Score Composed by Adam Lee Miller & Nicola Kuperus Performed by ADULT / Consultant Genesis and Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge /

Distributor - Ariztical Entertainment


Teddy Jury Prize, 2010 Berlin Film Festival

Best Narrative Feature, 2010 TLVFEST, Tel Aviv, Isreal

Best Performance (awarded to actor Morty Diamond), 2010, Newfest

Four in Focus filmmaker (awarded to director Jake Yuzna), Outfest

"Gives the old boy-meets girl template a very 21st-century update" 

- Leslie Felperin, Variety

“An amazing piece of work. Beautifully constructed”

- Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

“ Yuzna’s film has the kind of poetic clarity that creates a beautifully observe, hard-nosed fable”

- Richard Flood, Chief Curator New Museum of Contemporary Art

“An enchanting poetic, cautious debut film”

- Jenni Zylka, der Spiegel

Selected Festival History 2010 / 2011

The New Museum of Contemporary Art, with Genesis P Orridge + Jake Yuzna in attendance

Mezipatra Queer Film Festival

Hamburg Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, USA

Queer Lisboa, Portugal

Frameline Film Festival San Fransico

LA: as part of OutFest

Tel Aviv Festival

NewFest NYC

OutView Athens

Berlin Film Festival


When the young hermaphrodite Cynthia meets Gen and Jay, a couple recovering from plastic surgery, she learns of Pandrogony, in which two people merge their facial features in order to reflect their evolution from separate identities into one unified entity.

Inspired by this, Cynthia abandons her husband and suburban life to embark on a road trip with Gen through the remnants of 20th century America.

Simultaneously, a young transman, Syd, meets a young punk man, Nick. After having sex with one another, and someone born of the opposite sex for the first time, Syd and Nick find themselves falling into love, a love that forces them to confront how hormone treatments have forever changed sex and relationships.

The first American film to ever be awarded the Teddy Jury Prize, OPEN brings together cast of real hermaphroditic, pandrogynous, and transpeople to create a revealing look

at the pioneers of the new human experience, and the emerging possibilities for humanity at the dawn of a new millennium.

D I R E C T O R  J A K E  Y U Z N A

The son of a poet and civil engineer, Jake Yuzna grew up attending private Catholic school, midnight movies, art museums, and illegal warehouse parties.

After attending college early, Yuzna earned a degree in fine art and filmmaking while curating an international film festival and teaching film, video, and new media courses.

His student films garnered acclaim from festivals throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, leading to his becoming the youngest person to be awarded support in filmmaking from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Jake earned fellowships from the Jerome Hill Foundation, the Frameline Foundation,

the Philanthrofund Foundation, Creative Time, as well as receiving a Special Jury prize

in Artistic Risktaking from IFP.

During this time, he held a variety of jobs ranging from head of new media for the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City to cameraman for pornographic videos, as well as working on films by directors including Robert Altman.

Yuzna is currently in production for his new feature film

“Werewolves in the Mall of America”.

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